The Façade of Tolerance, then Persecution

History has proven Charles J. Chaput correct, “Evil preaches tolerance until it is dominant, then it tries to silence good.” Domination is power and control that soon gives way to governmental persecution, which justifies torture and executions. Millions of the Jewish people perished during WWII learning this truth. The reality of evil governments is they birth narcissistic leadership that trivializes evil, and cannot help being ideologically divisive, impervious to compromise and unwilling to accept responsibility for failures, which is arrogantly evil. They become focused on deflecting blame, and silencing those who do not accept their self-created standards of tolerance.  They then create great tyranny on their way to establishing absolute power and control. Historically seculars identify the intolerant as those who believe in the absolute truth of the God of Abraham.

The above truths open a window for Christians to see today’s foundational beginnings of the ideology of the socialist regressives in America. They have sponsored tolerance as an objective, but like a game of bait and switch, the bait was only a lure, and the switch is the oppression of believers in absolute truth. Evil loves duplicity, so when the self-professed tolerant gain dominance they conveniently disremember being tolerant and persecute the intolerant. Their duplicity self-justifies them forcing the defined intolerant to adhere to their new immorality. Tolerance becomes a façade as the means to justify their designed end, justified persecution. This is the progression the LGBT radicals and the Socialist Party of America have used to justify hating and persecuting Christians. [Deuteronomy 30:7] They know true believers in Christ, will never accept their new status quo of immorality i.e. sodomy as normal, transgender delusion, abortion on demand, and sex with children, pedophilia. Therefore biblical history is a warning, the secular socialist if they are elected and gain dominance in America will subject Christians to more, and more persecution. [Matthew 24:9]

Seculars shiver at the thought of loving others as they love themselves. Make no mistake, they love themselves, but their addiction to “every kind of wickedness, evil, greed, and depravity” comes first. [Ro 1:29] Conversely, Christians know loving and caring comes from a person’s inner soul brought by the Holy Spirit of Truth. Tolerance on the other hand is like being an actor who outwardly covers his or her true feelings, trying to convince the crowd they are something they are not. This is the recognized hypocrisy of tolerance!

Tolerance has nothing to do with Christian values. Christ followers are to love the tolerant, and intolerant, as much as they love themselves. Compassion, justice, mercy, prudence, and truth are Christian values. Therefore, Christian values conflict with mere tolerance because tolerance is not spiritual, it is used to be outwardly deceitful. True love is eternally spiritual and outwardly truthful. Now is the time for all Christians to identify tolerance as darkness, and expose it. [Ephesians 5:11]

David Howard, Foxhole Ministry Billings, Montana