School Yard Bullies - LGBT Activists Target Montana Schools

How You Challenge a Bully and Expose His Agenda

Dick Pence – Coordinator, Big Sky Worldview Forum

When Whimsical Doesn’t Work:

I want to update you on two LGBT bullying situations in Montana and ask you to speak out. Both situations involve our school system in different ways.

Recently, I was watching a movie where a young boy was being bullied at school.   An older friend simply told the boy this. 

A bullies’ power is fear. He depends upon you being intimidated - not knowing how to respond. He depends upon your inaction – being afraid of the consequences if you just do what common sense tells you to do.  Tell him “No More!”  Stand up to him and threaten to fight. 

Sometimes the solution to a complex problem is right under our noses. To a large degree, conservatives have been silenced by LGBT activists.  We have bought into the lie that if you are nice to a bully, he will leave you alone – even learn to like you. 

Maybe the “whimsical” idea has been overdone?  These LGBT Activist bullies’ agenda is no secret.  They have told us they want to end the institution of marriage and completely transform our values.  They are using the average LGBT person who just wants to live their life and be left alone to transform America.

When The Tail Wags the Dog:

The LGBT population is 2-4 percent of the population.  This includes Transgenders.  The tail is wagging the dog because they depend upon us not having enough backbone to stand for our principles.  Maybe it’s time WE said “NO MORE?” 

Chick-Fill-A just just caved to these bullies and walked away from their principles.  They will no longer contribute to the Salvation Army or the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) but will give to an LGBT group.  These activists have – with the help of the media – bullied most corporations into supporting their evil agenda. 

Why are we so unwilling to call this evil?  Have we forgotten Isaiah warning - “Woe to the one who calls evil good and good evil, who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness?” (Isiah 5:20)

Exposing Darkness with Light – Being Salt with Flavor:

Below I will discuss just two situations occurring now in Montana.  A friend ask me “well, what can we do about it – how do we fight back?”  My answer is simple.  It is time that we stopped being bullied by the threat of being called HATERS.  IT is time that we shine light on this darkness and say “NO MORE.” We need to graciously peak truth to power.  We all need to expose this darkness.   

Brazen Bullies in Bozeman and Billings – Two Situations to Shine Light On:

I want to alert you to two situations that you should know about and encourage you to get your truth flashlight out. 

First, at Bozeman high school, four girls have complained that FCA’s statement of faith violates the school district’s discrimination policy.  Nationally, FCA stands for traditional marriage and that conflicts with the so-called inclusiveness promoted by the school.  However, local students are not required to make a pledge and all are welcomed to FCA’s meetings.

You can read the details in two articles in the Bozeman Daily Chronicle.  First where these four girls protest FCA for being anti-gay.  In the second you will see that the four girls challenge the FCA for not being inclusive and insist the two choices the school district gave FCA were not enough.  FCA needed to bow to them and be inclusive or die. 

You will see that the school district acquiesced to these four girls who were obviously coached.  Two of the girls – 15 and 17 years old - are daughters of an MSU political science professor.  An excellent letter by a Bozeman attorney, Big-City Bigotry Arrives at Bozeman High exposes these Progressives. In another article, a Daily Citizen writer and the Montana Family Foundations expose how the school district bullies ignored law.  Both articles expose how the Bozeman school board was not fazed by the fact that what they were doing violated the First Amendment, the federal Equal Access Act that requires schools to create a level playing field for student clubs, and the Montana Constitution.  No, they have lawyers, they knew what they were doing.  Gallatin County has become a sanctuary for Progressive values and these bullies are used to having their way and damned the constitutions of America and Montana if they gets in their way.

Second, In Billings Tumbleweed  and the Montana Human Rights Network (HRN) are joining hands to provide training on Transgenderism.  The BillingsWorks Big Sky Economic Development group is helping with this effort. This training is to be done December 5th and in a letter of information you will see that the only speaker is a 26 year old Transgender who is an activist for HRN. Shawn Reagor  has been a community organizer and activist promoting a “Protected Class” designation for LGBT groups making their classification equal with race.  This Trans 101 Training is being advertised for Continuing Education Credits for our school teachers. 

This is an obvious agenda by the three organizations mentioned to present one sided indoctrination on transgenderism.  This brazen LGBT activism move is inconsistent with their stated goals.  I could discover no professional Social Science credentials for Shawn that support his credibility to speak on this issue.  If this is approved in Billings, it will likely be duplicated across Montana.

How can they get away with this kind of action? Because we have been silent too long.  The truth is, we need to speak loudly – “NO MORE.”  No more taking control of schools, our children and our communities.

How Can You Help - Being Responsible Citizens?

First, become informed.  Read the LINKS here, read the attachments, become informed about how we can help people caught in the quagmire of LGBT situations.  Speak with grace but speak truth. 

And remember, only the LIGHT will overcome this DARKNESS but we must be willing to shine that light and say “NO MORE.”