This is the way it works!

We can now conclude that the group, Christians, conservatives, republicans who don’t share and verbalize the progressive defined set of immoral and political attitudes is hateful, evil and malicious. The press then supports these views, reports them and becomes free advertisement nationwide for the progressive agenda, identity politics. These principalities then label Christian and Patriotic organizations as hate groups and self-justify ostracizing, reviling, and if possible bringing civil law suits against or better yet prosecuting those who stand for religious freedom and constitutional principles. Case in point, the Southern Poverty Law Center identified Family Resource Center and the Liberty counsel as a hate groups. These groups fit the identity of progressive’s definition of a hate group. They are above board, support Christian beliefs, stand against the sodomite marriage, and represent Christian’s values.


Identity politics is most successful with the unchurched, indoctrinated, and those who have not learned America’s Christian Heritage. This is why schools, colleges and social churches can be the breeding grounds for sponsoring identity politics. Barna reports that studies have shown up to 80% of the Christian students that attend modern colleges have turned their back on their faith by the time they graduate. Also, social churches sponsor proper feelings through reason! However, reason has no morality. Reason is subjective and can be devoid of biblical truth.


Therefore, these divided groups have no shared values as Americans, or shared morals that our country was built upon. We have become a series of selfish interest groups that is devoid of patriotism to America.  This is why progressives hate our declaration of independence where it focuses on individual rights; “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, which among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.


A major part of their strategy is to expose and totally support the notion that truth, especially biblical truths, are a fragment of the real truth. Virtue then becomes flexible, and character is open to interpretation and alteration. Morality is the key area they want to attack because if they cannot make morality subjective then they have less chance of dividing the populace. They want to convince all that the standard of morality is where the end justifies the means and anything is possible as long as their right result is obtained. If the means is lying, stealing, or violence and their desired result is obtained, in the progressive mind, this is good and decent. This is where sodomy rights come from. This is why Christ righteousness cannot coexist because Christ set the standard for an absolute morality and behavior is not subjective. The Christian is commanded to love one another and identity politics is devoid of love because love is kind. Being kind is a motive and the actions of being kind, benevolent, and trustworthy. Plus in 1 John 4:3 defines how to tell if identity politics is evil, “every spirit that does not confess that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is not of God. And this is the spirit of the Antichrist.”


This is why progressives hate Christianity and try to change the definition of biblical evil to a consensus evil sponsored by each separated group. In this way, one groups definition of right and wrong separates them from the other group that they have defined as intolerant and therefore less human. Christianity is then focused on by progressives as an evil group. The progressive sees Christianity as a threat because it is inclusive and follows an absolute truth that brings people together individually instead of divides them. Christianity treats people with love and compassion and values them as individuals. Christianity because of Christ’s standard of morality becomes diabolically opposed to identity politics and must be stomped out before identity politics can succeed.


Success to progressives is when they begin to indoctrinate us with what they want us to hear, (this is where the press, schools, and colleges comes in) and this enables them to divide us. We then are encouraged to speak only with others in our own group, and we begin to believe that the only valid and true way to think is how the group thinks. In this way progressives can redefine what is good, true, and righteous. Communism used the same tactics and called the people useful idiots.


The end result of identity politics is power and control over the populace while forming a government that sponsors a socialistic oligarchy, which is a government for the government by the government.



David Howard, Foxhole Ministry