Liberalism is Killing America

Liberalism today has revealed their true intentions. They are like a pirate ship flying a false flag before they attack and fly the ‘Skull and Cross Bones’. Most Christian Americans were completely unaware of their ambush because liberalism has waved a false flag for years.  Now we know we are being overpowered and our freedoms are now teetering on the edge of the great crevasse. Every Christian patriot must now understand the clear and present danger of liberalism’s attack on America’s way of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness, via the Democrat Party. The tipping point has been reached, their attack is in full force, and if good men and women do nothing, America will be destroyed.

The secular left--who call themselves progressive-- are REGRESSIVE in every sense while striving to force America into authoritarianism. They present the façade of socialism that history has proven morphs into totalitarianism, the opposite of America’s Constitutional Republic.

Secular liberals are not on a mission to change minds and hearts through logical debate. NO, THEY WANT TO SHAME AND OSTRACIZE CHRISTIAN PATRIOTS BECAUSE WE ARE THEIR ENEMIES. This truth, until now, has been ignored and rationalized by Christian patriots. We must implant this in our brains and understand we are in a life and death fight to the end. They are the predators and know they cannot succeed without destroying Christianity, the moral backbone of America, and patriotism, the historical knowledge and love of America. 

Liberalism controls the media so they use the fear of being shamed to force Americans into silence and submission. Their debate style is totally draconian, while they use lying accusations to devalue America. Their ideology does not seek to convert or convince, it attacks to slander and destroy to bring Americans to their knees.

They have now exposed their true motives by supporting anarchy, destroying law and order, and politically sponsoring immorality and the destruction of America’s Bill of Rights. Their lies are now obvious, and their professed motives have been proven fraudulent. Their arrogance is so pronounced they present the pure countenance and essence of evil. Christ defined them by saying from their very nature they lie, and there is no truth in them.[i] Using their lies they are able to present the threat of force to Americans to get them to accept their characterless ideology or be publicly crushed, fired, or worse.


However, “God, Country, and faith in Christ are the antibodies to the pestilence of liberalism. Godly patriotism is the substance that desecrates their sick ideology, and washes their minds with the truth of Christ’s liberty. The only ingredient we are missing today is Christian patriots with the firm knowledge of the power of the word of God, and boldness to constantly verbally expose the naked truth of liberalism and educate the unlearned who are crying for Christ’s truth. We have to do this daily in every medium and social site possible. Liberals have the press, but we have the numbers that can call upon the greatest power on earth, the Holy Spirit of God! It is speaking His light, His truth into the darkness of today’s principalities to expose their deeds.”[ii][CM1]  

This is our charge, and our mission as Christians. We are all called to speak the power of His light into darkness so the Holy Spirit can turn people from darkness to light.[iii]  Therefore, our goal is to mobilize Christ’s truth and take it into battle.[iv][CM2] 

What else can we do? It is obvious, we need to VOTE against every anti-American on the ballot this November, and individually encourage at least 10 others to do the same! Pastors need to expose these liberal lies to their congregations! This is imperative because if we do not vote them out of office they will destroy America as we know it!

Christian patriots today must never forget: not to vote is to vote for totalitarianism. Bonhoeffer said in a letter to his fiancé the day before the Nazi’s killed him, “Silence in the face of evil is evil itself!” Christian patriots, we can no longer be silent or evil will befall us! It is time to pray, give thanks, and act!

David Howard, Foxhole Ministry, Billings, MT

[i] John 8:44

[ii] Ephesians 5:11

[iii] Acts 1:8 & 26:18

[iv] 2 Corinthians 10:2-6

 [CM1] You’ve stated a quote by your initial quotation marks but where does it end and who is it from?

 [CM2]2 Corinthians only goes to 10:18