Horrific Truth about Roe v. Wade that You Missed in 1973

On January 22, 1973, the Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade concerning abortion was publicized on CBS News. On the broadcast, a gentleman named Alan Guttmacher had this to say: “I think that to raise the dignity of woman and give her freedom of choice in this area, is an extraordinary event.”

Alan Guttmacher was lying.

Alan Guttmacher was the Vice-President of the American Eugenics Society. Eugenicists hold that the government should enact laws to limit the ability of Americans to have children. Eugenicists think that they are a superior stock of people, and --- generally speaking --- they think that you are NOT of a superior stock of people. They want to prevent you – and me – from having children. They want to determine who will have children, and who will not have children. And they will do decrepit things to accomplish their goals:  they will lie, they will try to influence laws falsely, they will deceitfully say that abortion is about freedom, and they will try to influence courts falsely.

Perhaps there is one thing you do not know --- Alan Guttmacher was not only a former Vice-President of the American Eugenics Society, he was also the current President of Planned Parenthood that day in 1973 in which he appeared on CBS News. When Alan Guttmacher gloated over the new Supreme Court decision of Roe v. Wade, saying that it would give women “freedom of choice,” he was lying through his teeth. Mr. Guttmacher knew that the objective of abortion is not freedom for women but rather something quite different and wholly sinister. The objective of abortion is self-sterilization of women!

Sterilization through legislative edict is something that the eugenicists knew the American people would not tolerate. So, as secretly as possible, and in order to keep their motives and strategies from the light of day, they developed a horrendous strategy. Their strategy was to falsely present to the world that abortion was about freedom for women. The eugenicists worked to effectively indoctrinate women into thinking that the absence of children meant the presence of freedom. The goal of the eugenicists was to indoctrinate women in America so much that hordes of women would effectively self-sterilize their own selves by getting abortions. It is was truly a diabolical agenda. And with the help of the Supreme Court in 1973, the agenda of the eugenicists was given steroidal intensity!

Another interesting quote from the same CBS News broadcast came from CBS News correspondent George Herman. Reading from a prepared script, Mr. Herman stated: “In effect, the (Supreme) Court makes abortion subject only to the decision of the pregnant woman’s doctor.”

Through Mr. Herman’s quote we find the Real Reason for abortion. The real reason for abortion is not freedom for women. Nor is the real reason for abortion related to a Constitutional right to privacy. Rather, the real reason for abortion is to use state-certified medical doctors to invade the families of Americans and do what the eugenicists could not do directly --- end the lives of young Americans before they even get out of the wombs of their own mothers!

Let me say that again, Mr. Herman stated on CBS News the very day that Roe v. Wade was first publicized to the world, that abortion in America was “subject only to the decision of the pregnant woman’s doctor.” This could not have been a mistake on Mr. Herman’s part.

He was reading very slowly and cogently from a prepared script.

Walter Cronkite began the nightly newscast that day by labeling Roe v. Wade as a Landmark Decision by the Supreme Court. Thus, abortion was the lead story that day. Then, Walter Cronkite very deliberately gave the floor to Mr. Herman. Mr. Herman was a CBS News correspondent reporting directly from Washington, D.C, where the Supreme Court is housed. Mr. Herman very plainly and distinctly read the takeaway from Roe v. Wade. It is clear that CBS News put a significant amount of care and preparation into this broadcast.

Thus, it is simply not possible that Mr. Herman made a mistake when he said that, “In effect, the (Supreme) Court makes abortion subject only to the decision of the pregnant woman’s doctor.”

This little sliver of forgotten history from George Herman of CBS News provides real insight into the eugenicists’ goal to de-populate America of what they considered unwanted children.

Americans have been told since 1973 that Roe v. Wade is about privacy and freedom.

That is a lie.

The eugenicists knew that they could not convince Congress to pass a sterilization bill.

So, instead, the eugenicists convinced the Supreme Court to do indirectly what the eugenicists knew they could not convince Congress to do directly --- to effectively sterilize an amazingly large portion of the American public!

Lest there be any doubt as to this agenda, let us consider another statement by George Herman on the same January 22nd, 1973 broadcast. He prefaced his statement by asserting that New York State had already begun doing abortions even before Roe v. Wade. Then, Mr. Herman predicted that, “If the experience of New York State is any guide, America will eventually have one abortion for every two births.” Mr. Herman then signed off for the night from his seat as a CBS News Correspondent reporting from Washington D.C. He did not sign off by saying anything about privacy. Nor did he sign off for the night by saying anything about freedom. Did Mr. Herman say anything about a Constitutional right? No.

But Mr. Herman did prognosticate about how successful the eugenicists’ strategy to eliminate a large portion of the American population into the future would be.

Mr. Herman served as the official prognosticator of CBS News by predicting, just before he signed off that night, that one-third of American babies would be killed by state-sanctioned doctors due to the decision by the Supreme Court of America in Roe v. Wade.

That, my friends, is the goal of eugenicists. That is the legacy of Roe v. Wade.

Earlier in the same broadcast, Mr. Guttmacher had said that “January 22, 1973 will be an historic day.” Mr. Guttmacher’s tone was that of happiness, for he was a devoted eugenicist, and he wanted to end the live of babies.

However, January 22, 1973 is not remembered now as the historic day which Mr. Guttmacher would have liked. Rather, it is remembered as an infamous day. As a result of the activity of eugenicists like Alan Guttmacher, it is estimated that over 60 million young babies have been destroyed in America from 1973 to 2020. And the Supreme Court and CBS News hid the fact from all of us in 1973 that the President of Planned Parenthood on January 22, 1973 had been the Vice-President of the American Eugenics Society. They hid from us that the real agenda of the Roe v. Wade decision was widespread self-sterilization of women. And the Supreme Court hid the brutal agenda of the eugenicists from all of us by pretending to find a Constitutional justification for the destruction of babies within the wombs of their own mothers.  January 22, 1973 was a horrific day indeed for America.

Patrick Gould 

Christian Attorney