Churches today, need to get out of their comfort zone

We used to have a Church Comfort Zone that we felt couldn’t fail, but inside the same four walls was beginning to feel isolated like a jail.  

We wanted so much to do the things we’ve never done before, but timidly stayed inside our Comfort Zone wandering inside the same four walls.

We looked up and longed for guidance to influence the world, but for some reason didn’t look in our mission statement written in the Word.

We rationalized it didn’t matter that we weren’t doing much; that said, we convinced ourselves Christ’s truth couldn’t influence the world like Paul through boldness, publicity, and such.

We knew our culture was going to down, but failed to act even knowing Christ’s word abounds.

We claimed to be okay by staying busy with things, but deep inside we longed for something the deliver brings.

We couldn’t go on and let our lives go by watching frontline Christians stand for Christ by and by.

There must be something we could do, so we held our breath, and decided to become doers anew.

We took our first step in Christ with new spiritual vigor, we never felt before, and said goodbye to our comfort zone, and closed and locked the door. Oh, how wonderfully powerful it is when we let Christ’s word be heard.

Now we look back over the years, we realize it was Satan who kept his word, locking us behind our own doors, tricking us to stay inside, where many blessings God cannot provide!

Author unknown, tweaked and renamed by David Howard