Christians Must Create Godly Conflict

There is no doubt Christianity is under extreme attack today in America. If Christians do not vigorously defend Christ's worldview, like Christ, we will lose the liberty to freely make disciples of all the nations and fulfill our mission as Christians. In addition, evil principalities will use our silence to destroy our ability to speak, and worship. Evil will then be embolden to continue to destroy America’s unalienable God given rights. Our families and future families will be consumed with battling darkness, and Satan’s missions to steal, kill, and destroy will prevail, versus Christ’s liberty to have life, and have it more abundantly.[i]

Christ, while He walked on this earth, used a strategy of creating Godly conflict with the religious ruling class, the theocracy of the day and the Romans. Christ shrewdly used the controversy as His platform to speak the Word of God into darkness. His platform revealed He was the standard-bearer, the Christ who brought grace, truth,[ii] and eternal life through faith in Him.  He created the conflict to be heard because without controversy He would not have been noticed or listened too. No one would have cared, or known He lived. If fact John the Baptist started the conflict when “…he saw many of the Pharisees and Sadducees coming to where he was baptizing, he said to them: “You brood of vipers! Who warned you to flee from the coming wrath?”[iii] This controversy was created by uncovering the motives of evil. The controversy John and Christ created enabled them to speak God’s truth into the darkness of society to save society from themselves!

Today, the world is not listening to Christians because we are not like John and Christ. We are called by seculars, weak, and easy to control. Therefore for us to establish Christ’s platform we need to learn from Christ. He was strong, bold, and impossible to control on His way of establishing the Gospel of Christ that has saved untold millions upon millions of people. He left this earth and handed the baton to us. It is now time for us to turn from our selfish ways and take up our cross daily and follow Christ.[iv]

Today’s evil is making it easy for Christians and their shepherds to create Godly controversy. All we have to do is speak Christ’s unaltered truth exposing the darkness in today’s principalities.  Principalities today are just as they were in Christ’s day. They are truly a brood of vipers. They are both political and secular and are identified in Romans 1:22-32. They support dominance through the political ruling class, and supportive antichrist organizations like the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, and the LGBT antichrist agenda.

Christians are commanded to expose evil[v] by creating Godly controversy from the pulpit, on Facebook, twitter, opinion pages, etc. This is so “Their deeds should be exposed.”[vi]  This is reason Paul was telling us to put on the full armor of God “that I may speak boldly, as I ought to speak.”[vii] Christ told us, evil will hate the light of Christ’s truth, and this will agitate and bring forth evils scorn. Evil will then focus on defeating Christ's truth by insulting, persecuting, and falsely saying all kinds of evil against Christians! Christ commanded us when we are persecuted for His sake to, “Rejoice and be glad, because great is our reward in heaven.”[viii] When Christians are being blessed in this way Christ wins. He wins because the word of God never comes back void.[ix] This makes me want to cause evils scorn every day by speaking Christ’s truth into darkness, and this should do the same for you.

There is no doubt, the secular progressive world is vigorously supporting their world view, and its focus in America is on destroying all our God given rights. However, we can successfully push back in a Christ like way. Christians and their shepherds have God's power to witness His truth,[x] the command to make disciples of all nations,[xi] and the promise that His word through the Holy Spirit pierces the soul and spirit.[xii] This is how we all came to have faith in Christ. His Word was spoken to us in some way, and the Holy Spirit convicted us, and we gave our lives to Christ. This is our best ‘blessed’ way to bring darkness to light! It is speaking His light, His truth into the darkness of today’s principalities to expose their deeds.[xiii] This is our charge, and our mission as Christians. We are all called to speak the power of His light into darkness so the Holy Spirit can turn people from darkness to light.[xiv] Therefore, our goal is to mobilize Christ’s truth and take it into battle.[xv]

This makes life in Christ daring and rewarding. It is where all things impossible become possible.[xvi] So speak Christ truth into evil and let the Holy Spirit convict the lost of the superiority of Christ. Now is the time for us to stand in the gap between evil and Christ in the middle of the storm of scorn and ridicule, and speak the light of Christ into America’s darkness. We are to put on the full armor of God, and boldly speak His truth into the evil principalities of today.[xvii] For our battle is “against principalities …powers, and the rulers of the darkness of this age…”[xviii]

Yes Christians and shepherds, we must understand the Spirit of God is not our doer. The Holy Spirit is our helper. We are the doers. Now is the time to invest our talents and works for the glory of God. Therefore without fail, boldly speak Christ truth into evil principalities. This will create conflict with evil while we establish Christ’s platform of truth to be heard in America today.

By David Howard, Foxhole Ministry Billings, MT

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